After we receive your application, you will be invited for a first interview if your profile fits our search criteria. At each stage in the recruitment process, the Human Resources department will keep you informed.


The form on our website is a direct link to our application management system, which helps to keep our processes running quickly.


The panel will comprise the different managers involved, thus speeding up the decision-making process. It is a vital stage in the recruitment process and the key factor on which recruitment decisions are based.


These are suited to some jobs, and allow us to give a general presentation of the Group, the job, the organisation, etc., as a prelude to individual interviews.


For recruitments in the regions and Europe, a videoconference system allows applicants to make first contact with the company by going to the regional branch closest to their home, which speeds the process up.

Induction journeys inform new recruits about the company and give them insight into the different aspects of their new post.
Depending on the post, the journey may last from one week to six months.

Petit Forestier,
approved training centre.

To back up the management of our employees' skills, in 1997 we established, on our Villepinte site, a training centre recognised as an approved body.

The centre offers:

  • schemes to meet career development needs (schemes for future workshop managers, profit centre managers, etc.),
  • training programmes to develop our employees' skills,
  • partnerships with a range
    of colleges and
    work/study institutions.

a strategic focus of our recruitment policy

In partnership with a training provider, we have started three Vehicle Maintenance occupational baccalaureate courses for apprentice mechanics; students specialise in Petit Forestier. This baccalaureate programme includes two modules specific to our company: one in on-board refrigeration and refrigeration unit maintenance, and another in operating, inspecting and maintaining truck tail lifts.

Young people on these courses are all trained in our network and spend two weeks per month at the training centre, which has boarding facilities.

Avec plus de 4 500 salariés, la gestion des carrières et des compétences est un volet essentiel de notre politique RH.

This requires an appropriate strategy:
  • be able to anticipate needs and assimilate technical and societal changes,
  • take the time get to know each employee well so that each person can be offered personalised career journeys and therefore fully realise their potential,
  • offer real career development prospects, with an assumption in favour of in-house promotion,
  • put in place "bridges" between the different professions so that our employees can change business line during their career,
  • make work-study contracts, placements and international internship programmes permanent.

Our priority is to offer a model that favours personal and professional development in which men and women are central to our success and solidarity sits comfortably alongside ambition.
The surest way for us all to grasp and build the future successfully is to accumulate human talent.

Our philosophy is based on a strong corporate culture.
This is clearly illustrated by the metaphor of the tree, which neatly reflects the close relationship between the "field" and people.

Passion, a taste for hard work, responsiveness, team spirit and respect are the intangible values that should motivate us all.
Together they add up to a whole which allows us to deliver our hallmark service quality.