The cold chain is a constantly evolving sector.
Refrigeration technologies play a central role in the modern world.
As a key public health player, the cold chain makes major contributions to the production and conservation sectors, and to the implementation of best practices.

The refrigerated rental industry has to cope with a complicated set of regulations which require professionals in this sector to display precision and certified skills.
Economic challenges are also changing, and a different approach is required to deal with a vehicle transporting vaccines and a vehicle transporting ice cream…
With its expertise dedicated fully to the cold chain, Petit Forestier is the benchmark for refrigeration rental.

With Petit Forestier,
enter the world of the cold chain!

The Group's strategy has evolved over time. Its scope has grown gradually but the focus remains on the core business: serviced refrigeration rental.

To assist its customers and meet their needs as fully as possible, Petit Forestier has insourced vehicle design. Ten years ago we bought an industrial arm including a refrigerated box manufacturing plant (Lecapitaine) and a refrigeration unit production site (RelecFroid).
To really enhance our ability to respond to the many requirements of the cold chain and vehicle operation, Petit Forestier can now independently perform checks on the various components (Cemafroid, refrigerating fluids, tail lifts, and so on).

Our activity obviously focuses on the food trades. Over the years, an increasing number of economic sectors have been impacted by regulatory requirements associated with maintaining the cold chain.

These changes have led us to diversify our offer (display units, containers, trailers) to cover all cold chain needs, from the transportation of raw materials to the end product that reaches the consumer's plate.